Erosire Hollywood Delight
You, as a film maker, has given a second chance in a parallel world. You should use this chance to reach the top!Disclaimer: This story is basically porn with plot. It contains graphical sex scene!The cover is not mine.Story is also available on (under same penname: Erosire)
_01p CEO True Face
Joshua was born from a wealthy family he was born to be his brother shadow, one day he intend to change his life, he took his own path and start a new life with new identity. who is the new CEO? has anyone saw his face?
Ruche_Spencer Five Crowns and a Rose II
StenDuring Those left behind
Transiting into a new world. Restarting your life. A second chance. But... what about those left behind? A Transition and Restart sideshow. Short story, completed at publication.