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Chapter 1103: I Made A Mistake!

“F*ck, running away after showing off? Old Qiao, are you still human?”

“Can you at least explain the genre of the new game before you leave?! Is this something a human would do?”

“Old Qiao isn’t talking nonsense, right? ‘Mission and Choice’ has only been released for two months, and the new game can already be tried? Why don’t I believe it?”

“Old Qiao might not be reliable, but he never lies. He said that he was trying out Tengda’s games. It’s most likely true.”

“What game is that?”

“I’ve been looking forward to Tengda making a MMORPG game. I hope Boss Pei can satisfy me!”

“I prefer action games.”

“Another realistic masterpiece like Struggle!”

Everyone’s imagination was running wild as they came up with all sorts of game genres.

That was because Qiao Liang did not give any clues. He did not even mention the game genre. Where should they start guessing?

However, one thing was certain. Tengda was definitely developing a new game. What’s more, it was already at the stage where they could try it out!

That alone was enough for everyone to guess tirelessly.

Someone suddenly raised a new angle just as everyone was talking and speculating.

“I suddenly have a bold thought!”

“I wonder if you’ve read the novel ‘Eternal Reincarnation’?”

“I was the one who chased after it the entire time. I was already done with the novel, but some time ago, the lousy author seemed to have been injected with steroids. He revised the content of the novel at a high speed!”

“The key is that he did not only modify the plot, but also some basic settings.”

“In particular, they spent a lot of time describing the control of the aura in the battle, the use of various weapons, and also detailed the movements and positioning of the protagonist when he parried the enemy’s attack.”

“Apart from that, there are also some supplements in the plot. For example, as more and more enemies are killed, the demon sword in his hand becomes weaker, the protagonist’s mind becomes clearer, and he finally wakes up.”

“At first, I felt that it was quite unnecessary because the revision was all about the details. It did not affect the main plot of the entire story. These new combat descriptions even made me feel like they were a little draggy and affected the mood of the battle.”

“However, on further thought, it would make sense if these modifications were targeted at the game!”

“Details of the battle, servicing the game’s combat system; supplementing the plot can better use the words of the items in the game to express the complete plot. Players who have not read the original novel can only understand the entire story through the game.”

“It’s not realistic to develop a large-scale game from scratch in two months. However, what if it was to create a sequel to Repent and be Saved?”

“If we can make use of the ready-made monsters and scenes in Repent and be Saved, the timing would b

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