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Chapter 851: I Only Listen To My Sister! Clings to Us Like Sh*t To A Shovel!

For over ten seconds, it was dead silent in the living room.

Gu Mang dropped her hand and got up.

When she moved, the dozens of guards on the scene seemed to be frightened. They all stayed fully alert and they fixed their stares on her.

Gu Mang swept her gaze around the hall and smirked. She had one hand in her pocket and she spun the gun around in her other hand as she walked towards the exit.

Gu Si stood up too. He grabbed his mini backpack and held Gu Mang’s hand as he followed behind her.

When Gu Mang approached the group of guards, the bloodthirsty breath lingering around her almost made everyone shudder. “Move.”

The guards stayed put.

“Let her go.” The cold expression in Old Master Gu’s eyes vanished. “Gu Si, you stay.”

The guards made way for her. Gu Mang walked past everyone who had been pointing guns at her as if they did not mean anything at all to her.

Gu Si did not even stop. He waved with his back facing Old Master Gu. In a very sorry tone, he said, “I’m sorry, I only listen to my sister.”

The siblings left haughtily.

Old Master Gu did not speak. He just stared in the direction that Gu Mang and Gu Si had left in. No one could read his expression.

Huo Zhi looked at him then at the door. He stood up and nodded slightly. “This is the way Gu Mang’s temper is. Since we forced her to come here in such a way, we’ll definitely have to let her release her anger. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her.”

Old Master Gu’s gaze landed on Huo Zhi. He smiled in a satisfied manner.

“Let her calm down for the next few days. Take her to the funeral for Matriarch Lu that’s happening in four days.”

“Got it.” Huo Zhi bowed slightly and rushed out with big steps.

When he reached the door, two jeeps appeared in front of the manor.

Gu Mang and Gu Si got into the car in front.

Jiangsui shut the car door. When he turned around, he saw Huo Zhi walk over.

“How did you guys manage to enter?”

Jiangsui raised his eyebrow and took out an admission pass from his pocket. Holding it between his fingers, he said, “Sister Mang let us in.”

The Gu family had given it to Gu Mang when she came to Jijing Island back then.

Jiangsui smiled and got into the passenger seat. He lowered the windows and gave Huo Zhi a two-fingered salute. “See you, Mr. Huo.”

The jeep turned and left the manor in the dust.

“Sir, what do we do?” the bald man asked.

Huo Zhi looked away and walked towards his own car. “Follow them.”


The Leng residence.

“What did you say?” Elder Leng looked at his subordinate in disbelief. “Gu Mang fired a shot at Old Master Gu?”

The subordinate answered, “Yes, all the guards who rushed in saw it.”

Old Master Leng looked at Leng Xuan. “Gu Mang seems to have a deep rooted hatred for the Gu family.”

Back then, when the major familie

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