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Chapter 605: Will

“I remember this examination should have been forest survival. Oh, I remember that I got that topic during my last examination in the first year. Do you know what evaluation you got for the examination?” Song Junlang raised the topic, but he seemed to be playing around with it.

Xiao Lin shook his head. He had been unconscious for a week, and he only knew of all that after he woke up. He never really checked the results of his examination, but he curiously asked, “Department Head Song, did you go through this examination as well back then?”

“Haha, of course. This problem was basically a compulsory examination for first- or second-years. I managed to get an S-rank evaluation back then.” Song Junlang narrowed his eyes and thought about it.

Xiao Lin did not seem to care initially, but he immediately paid more attention hearing that. Song Junlang rarely mentioned anything about his past, and Xiao Lin had basically treated it as Song Junlang being unwilling to open past wounds. This time, Xiao Lin did not know if Song Junlang was feeling off, but he had brought it up himself.

“How did you do it back then?” Xiao Lin asaked.

“We’ll not mention defeating the beasts at the start, it doesn’t really differ much. The last boss was Poseidon, a very difficult opponent. Back then, I was in charge of keeping him occupied as the monitor. Even though Poseidon was much weaker than actual history, he should at least have been Silver to Gold-ranked...”

Looking at Song Junlang who had shut his mouth while reminiscing about the past, Xiao Lin pushed on. “What happened next?”

“After that.” Song Junlang looked at the colorful mass outside the window which was due to the colorful layers of magical protection. He said, after a long time, “After that, I died.”

Xiao Lin speechlessly looked at Department Head Song. The story seemed similar to his own, and he had guessed what mostly happened, but he never expected that ending.

“However, I got an S-rank evaluation in the end. I only got to know of the goal of the examination later. It actually wanted to teach all of us that, sometimes, sacrifices are needed. I used my own death to bring everyone a lot of time, stalling Poseidon and allowing the crack in time to restore itself. Poseidon slowly died by himself after losing the source of his power.

Pausing for a moment, Song Junlang smiled. “Of course, I didn’t do it properly. There were a few details that I did not do well. If I had managed to win more time, I would have gotten an SS-rank evaluation, but those who managed to do that were only a miniscule number a few hundred years later.”

Song Junlang’s strange smile seemed to have led Xiao Lin to guess something. He pointed at himself, and he happily and said in a surprised tone, “Are you saying that I’m someone who got an SS-rank evaluation?”

“Huh? No no no. You’ve misunderstood. You don’t have any score from this monthly examination.” Song Junla

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