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Chapter 1571: Kill her!

The space vortex.

As soon as her airship ripped the void of space open, Reneedol watched as the other two ships headed in different directions.

Seemed like the destinations of the ships weren’t the same.

She then carefully observed her surroundings.

Within the gloomy space vortex, the wind blew nonstop.

This was a part of space that existed outside of the world, a place that Reneedol was very familiar with.

Reneedol slowly relaxed.

Using this period of peace she had, she began to ponder over the matter of the girl ‘Xie Dao Ling’.

This might be an opportunity.

“I will do my best to discern the girl’s background, please grant me a bit more power to allow me to pass this trial” she spoke to the void of space.

At the very next second.

A rune that gave off an overwhelming destructive presence abruptly lit up in her palm.

The rune only flashed into existence briefly before it completely vanished.

From the distant darkness, a ray of dark purple light shot through the void and struck her body.

Clank clank thud——–

Reneedol lost her balance and almost fell down.

The light remained on her body for a while before it completely disappeared.

Reneedol kept her eyes closed with her body still trembling, apparently in the middle of absorbing something.

“How unexpected, for me to obtain so much power so easily… it seems like that girl is valued quite highly by the Apocalypse…”

She silently thought.

Right at this moment, an airship appeared.

The airship seemed to be cautiously circling around a few times before it approached her airship.

“Third brother?”

Zhao Kuan stood on top of the airship and cautiously tried asking.

Reneedol was surprised and opened her eyes, then heaved out a long sigh.

“Senior brother, why are you here?” she calmly asked.

Zhao Kuan laughed and replied: “We brothers should move together, that way we’d be able to better take care of one another”

Reneedol imitated Shen Yang’s tone: “Sure”

Zhao Kuan put his airship away and nimbly leapt onto Reneedol’s airship.

“Junior brother, I have a secret technique here that Master wanted me to secretly give to you, he said it was to avoid second brother from feeling left out”

Zhao Kuan handed a jade tag over to her.

“Oh? Then thank you, senior brother” Reneedol reached her hand out to receive the jade tag.

As soon as the jade tag touched her hand, a thick layer of ice erupted from it to freeze Reneedol.

Zhao Kuan drew his sword and grinned: “Very well, third brother, let eldest brother make sure you won’t be worrying about anything else from now on”

He pierced his sword through Reneedol’s body, then cut her in half with a single slash.


The frozen body fell onto the deck of the airship with a heavy thud.

Zhao Kuan sheathed his sword and shook his head: “Shen Yang—– your display was even poorer compare

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