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Chapter 1986: Setting out for the Yang Soul Ocean

The jealousy in Lu Xianming’s eyes became even more pronounced.

He could only ever dream of becoming a Five-Star Alchemist. Furthermore, with this comparison, the gulf between himself and Ling Han was practically overwhelming.

…He had taken the initiative to seek out Ma Tongguang, curried favor with him, and the latter still treated him uncaringly. In the end, he was finally accepted, and he was allowed to perform duties like a doorman. Though this was slightly humiliating, it had ultimately won him a chance to go to the Western Celestial Realm. Furthermore, if others wanted to seek an audience with Ma Tongguang, they would need Lu Xianming to announce them, and they, too, would have to curry favor with him, which brought back to him the feeling of superiority that he had dearly missed.

But in Ling Han’s case?

Ma Tongguang was the one to invite him himself. Furthermore, he had even promised that the other party would definitely become a Four-Star Grandmaster, and there was hope of advancing to Five Stars!

Lu Xianming’s hands balled into tight fists at this. In fact, even his nails had sunk deeply into his flesh. He had no choice but to lower his head, or he feared that he would lose control of the flames burning fiercely in his eyes, causing others to mock and jeer at him.

Ling Han showed an expression of understanding. The other side had gone around in a circle, but his true purpose was still to return to the topic that they had begun with.

…Ma Tongguang wanted to gain authority over Alchemy City.

As for the reason why a person of the Western Celestial Realm would be interested in the Alchemy City of the Eastern Celestial Realm, Ling Han could not guess.

However, a mere Three-Star Alchemist actually dared to boast so shamelessly?


Ling Han shook his head, and said, “I appreciate it, but I have never had the habit of being someone’s helper. That was the case in the past, it is the same now, and it will not change in the future, either.”

Ma Tongguang looked at Ling Han, a smile curving up his lips as he said, “I am sure you will regret this.”

“I have only come to tell you that it is about time to set out to the Yang Soul Ocean, but as for other issues… you had best not think too far ahead,” Ling Han said evenly, clear displeasure evident in his tone.

Ma Tongguang slowly nodded. “I am already prepared, and can set out any time. However, I wish to ask for someone from you, Brother Ling.”


“And that is this Brother Lu.” Ma Tongguang pointed at Lu Xianming. “Brother Lu and I have become friends at first sight, and I plan to invite him to the Western Celestial Realm as a guest, so I hope Brother Ling would allow it.”

Ling Han couldn’t help but smile, and said, “Alchemy City has never clasped shackles on any of our alchemists. Every single person is free, so why should my approval be sought? W

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